Emergency & Evacuation

Disability Emergency Evacuation Services.

For over twenty years there has been a push to get disabled people access in to buildings and equality in their use; however, there has been a shadow over the evacuation of disabled people during an emergency.

Since The Grenfell Tower fire and 9/11 this has been highlighted with not just consideration during a fire but what to do in an event of a bomb/ terrorist incident. No longer can the solution be to take a disabled person to a refuge area and wait for rescue. The Law is clear, building owners/managers have a duty and responsibility to evacuate ALL People from their building.

Access and Evacu8 ltd have been in the forefront of working with businesses and organisations to address issues, barriers and concerns around the consideration of disabled people during an evacuation. Our expertise and practical solutions have been widely accepted in the business community and we have an exceptional track record as being the ‘go to’ company in this regard.

We offer: disability evacuation building audits, equipment reviews and recommendations and an in-depth training program on evacuation techniques.

Developing Emergency Evacuation Procedures

The aim of a Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan  (PEEP) is to provide people who may have problems evacuating the building in an emergency with a personal evacuation plan, based on their special needs.

The term special need should be used in its broadest context by managers developing these procedures and should include people suffering from Heart conditions, epilepsy, asthma etc., elderly persons and those suffering from temporary disablement such as broken or sprained limbs,  and, in some circumstances, pregnant women.

Emergency Response to Terrorism: Tactical Considerations for businesses.

Our guide based on the document release by The USA federal government for first responders;  Emergency response to terrorism- tactical considerations.